Daruma Eco Farm. Bang Phra. Thailand


Daruma Eco Farm is a Permaculture Farm south Bangkok.
There you can see how volunteers, staff, animals, plants, hidrophonic systems live together in a very special enviroment.
We stayed there few weeks and we learned a lot about permaculture at work in the garden, as well bulding frames for duckweed. The chicken (including the very noisy white species that produce low cholesterol eggs) would be the 1rst thing we hear at early hrs of the morning, just before beeing greeted by the 4 cats and Maxi, the dog. Vegetables beds and fruit trees (including superfood tree Maringa) were carefully layed out and plant and when we got lucky… harvested and coocked (morning glory is especially delicious).

Daruma Farm is a Work in Progress Projectwhere we got the chance as well to be a bit involed on the construction part of its ‘patio’. As well we learnt about Natural wall Paint which was awesome!


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